Absolutely love these books. Can’t get enough. Michelle Thompson has become one of my favourite authors.

Rowena Davey

This book will change your perspective

‘Bad Guys Don’t Always Lose’ is a great read, couldn’t put it down, had to know what happened next!

Characters like Doug and Melissa, that were strong against the backdrop of a world most of us aren’t connected with. A good read that had me curious, intrigued and entertained.

– Helen

Awesome books!

I could not put them down. Hurry up Michelle and finish the next book…. I want to read it!!!!!

Gloria Dyer

A Great Read

Bad Guys Don’t Always Lose is a great read. Hubby and I are waiting for number two.

Nicki May

A Book You Will Love

As a book the price is minimal, what is not minimal is the great story. The book is full of action from start to finish. It’s unputtadownable!

Janette Morrison