Michelle Thompson

New Zealand author of the Bad Guys series takes readers into the dark and gritty world of outlaw bikers

Book Four – Pandora’s Box

Follow the twists and turns of the drama that only a Columbian cartel can bring.


More About Michelle Thompson

Michelle’s books have resonated with her readers, inspiring even those who had never read a book about biker gangs before to become avid fans. Her unique voice and compelling narratives have earned her a loyal following, and she continues to write stories that transport her readers into a dark underworld of crime that keeps them eagerly turning the pages.


Doug Henderson driven by hatred and revenge, he has risen to the top of his game.

Find out what drives the success of a highly organised outlaw motorcycle gang, led by their president, Doug.

Follow the twists and turns of the missing cocaine. Stick to the rules of engagement. But whatever you do, don’t cross his path, or you may wind up dead.

What The Readers Say

“Great book… Took me on a ride from beginning to end… I couldn’t wait to read the next page. Never failed to be believable and intoxicating. Lots of action. Plenty of needed outlaw motorcycle lifestyle gore. I’ve already got books two and three and as soon as I post this review I’ll be joining Doug on another mission. Thanks for the great write…. Keep it up!”